Emma Roberts and Garret Hedlund turn saviors

Emma Roberts and Garret Hedlund turn saviors

Who said there are no good people in the world?

Emma Roberts and boyfriend Garret Hedlund are living embodiments that humanity is not gone!

Emma and Garret were driving for a relaxed afternoon with friends. But, they soon came upon a frightening scene. The Prius, which was ahead of them, had hit a motorcycle. It caused the motorcyclist to fall off. Lucky for him, the couple offered aid. They immediately stooped their driving and made sure everything was okay.

Sources suggest that after the completion of the ordeal, Emma and Garret went on their way. They met up with their friends as planned and had a good time.

The whirlwind romance of Emma Roberts and Garret Hedlund is enough to make you swoon. Recently in August, the American Horror Story actress confirmed that the couple was going to have a baby boy.

It seems that the couple is all set to welcome the newest member of their family. Emma even threw a baby shower while maintaining social distance. The party had Camila Morrone and Kristen Stewart, among others.

The fact that these two incredible human beings sought to help a man in need speaks a lot about their character, doesn’t it?

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