Nicki Minaj Confirms about Having a Boy

Nicki Minaj Reveals About Her Pregnancy

Since the last few weeks, we have all been speculating about one thing – Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy. We did know that she was pregnant. However, none of us had any clue if it was a boy or a girl. However, recently, she has told the world about the news. And, it’s a baby boy!

Owing to the happy piece of news, she got the moral support from several A-list celebrities of Hollywood. For example, Beyonce had written her a small, handwritten letter and welcomed her to motherhood graciously. Kim and Kanye West, too, had sent their best wishes to her.

Hence, the singer posted photos of all of the wishes in the most Nicki-est way. However, her affection and gratitude for the best gift of her life were quite sincere. Anyways, the news of Nicki Minaj having a baby is not new at all.

According to several reports, she had given birth to her child on 30th September. But, we do know that the singer generally loves to live a secret lifestyle. So, her way of letting us know about the news seems to be quite logical.

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